DIY s13/s14 rear subframe swap kit Pre-Buy

Alright guys and girls its come to our attention that these kits aren't being made anymore and have had quite a bit of people reach out about wanting them made again, so we figured why not pick up the slack on a hot commodity.

These kits allow you to fit s13/s14 rear subframes into the z31 chassis. They were originally designed my Mike G/Shamwow on the forums in the olden days. However we are changing a few things as the company that made them after Mike didn't have the best over all fit, so final product will be slightly different than the kit pictured. Kit also uses stock/aftermarket front s13/s14(misalignment) bushings. This also is a DIY kit so cutting and welding is required.  

The kit will include:

- 1qty rear subframe alignment kit

- 2qty rear cnc machined studs 

-2qty c channel weld in plates

-2qty cnc machined front bushing cups

-2qty weld in u brackets 

-4qty top/bottom weld in reinforcement plates 

-4qty nylon lock nuts for both front and rear studs


This is a Pre-buy, meaning we are going to see how many we cant get made, the more the better. this is something we want to keep on the shelf and in stock, so its entirely up to you guys on how many get produced and getting the cost where it needs to be for production. This will take roughly a couple months to do as we have to have our local machinist cnc cut the pins and front cups.