New products 😌

Ahh yes its getting to that time, after having some backordered delays on some cores we are getting in the parts to start our intercoolers and radiators for the z31. Also hopefully having the first prototype of our fuel tophats done soon so we can also get those into production.

For intercoolers we will be offering a few different sizes depending on your hp goals, these first 2 cores are for z31s aiming for the 900hp range 👀, yes we do have multiple customers in these past years pushing upwards of 700-850hp on fully built vg30. 

Radiators will be a single standard size and be a dual pass setup, and will allow enough room and adequate sizing to run intercooler plumbing on the sides of the radiator, so no more janky cutting holes in your wheel wells, and hacking up your car to fit. 

I'll keep you guys posted on the new products, order updates as things progress. 

As always you guys are amazing and let's keep this chassis going. 

Also one last thing, we are also getting setup with accounts to also start offering off the shelf parts, i.e. turbos, wastegates, bov, fuel components and more.